We have occupied the University of Brighton as part of the growing global occupy movement. We recognise that the exploitation we as students experience is the same exploitation shared by our lecturers and support staff. While our roles in higher education differ, it is our shared fight against the privatisation of universities that brings us together. Further, this exploitation puts us in solidarity with those fighting oppression internationally.

We demand that the Senior Management Team of University of Brighton:

  • publicly condemn the higher education white paper and call for it to be withdrawn;
  • guarantee no course closures;
  • guarantee no job cuts and no adverse changes to staff terms and conditions;
  • provide bursaries for all students who need them – not fee waivers;
  • guarantee no cuts to library services, student support or learning resources;
  • guarantee no cuts to access schemes or foundation courses;
  • guarantee that the university will remain a public, not-for-profit body;
  • improve access for people of all mobilities across its campuses;
  • guarantee that anyone involved in occupations or actions related to the stop the cuts campaign will not face any reprisals or disciplinary action.

Nationally, we demand that the government:

  • revoke the higher education white paper;
  • end the ideologically invoked austerity measures;
  • ensure fair pensions, pay and job security for all.

Internationally, we demand:

  • a structural change to end exploitation, in recognition of the equality of all;
  • free education for all – education is a right, not a privilege.

5 responses to “Demands

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  2. What about access needs?

  3. Oh yes. Well reminded Nyika!

  4. They should speak out at the injustice carried out against student demonstrators in the courts, following last years demonstrations. And they should argue against the police having rubber bullets with which to attack us.

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