The end of the beginning…

After a long evening battling Senior Faculty Managers and the heads of Estates, we’ve reached the end of day one. The stage is set to transform this space into a bustling hive of political and artistic activity. We look forward to working with the up-coming exhibitions: we think that both the occupation and the exhibitions will strengthen one another.

Apologies to those kicked out of classes this evening: we don’t understand why the University evacuated students, especially since it didn’t feel the need to evacuate an artist’s lecture in Sallis Benney happening at the same time. If we were feeling cynical we’d say this was a ploy to turn students against students, but surely our faculty managers wouldn’t stoop to such depths. Right?

We have now formulated demands: these can be found here. If you’d like to contribute to the occupation but can’t attend, have a look at our How to Help page for a list of things we’d be delighted to receive. But if you do have the time (even if it’s just half an hour) please come on down! Everyone is welcome.


2 responses to “The end of the beginning…

  1. in solidarity and I will make it down to visit over the weekend

  2. Solidarity from Occupy Brighton!!! 🙂 Word to the wise – be careful who you let in – it only takes a couple of agent provocoteurs to cause mayhem… :/

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