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WANTED: Articles, Testimonies and Creative Expression

Brighton Students Against Cuts, are looking for people to share, collaborate and contribute articles, essays and personal accounts of both the occupation and student demonstrations. We would also welcome any footage, media projects and art projects that have been inspired by the re-awakening of student activism.

Whilst a lot of information contributed towards the Facebook group, more specifically the links, is good, it can becoming difficult for people to find those opinions, photos and articles. Even with the benefits that social networking provides in the form of dynamic news feeds it often becomes cluttered and un-organised. This has its place but it is felt that something more coherent and less erratic needs to occur. It has been suggested that those who wish to share their views in a more academic and creative way, have a place to express themselves.

If you would like to write an article specifically for this blog or you have anything that you may have posted on personal blogs or otherwise that you would like to share then we welcome your participation. We are really looking to keep the intellectual momentum going now that the occupation has ended and we could no longer hold public discussions and lectures. The internet is the natural progression in facilitating free, accessible knowledge on the public spending cuts and the ideological shifts they represent in politics.

Email: brightonagainstcuts@gmail.com

Below is an appeal by members of the UCU for testimonies from people who attended the student demonstrations in Brighton.


Members of the university lecturers’ union, the University College Union (UCU) have supported students’ protests against raising university fees. Some of you may have seen our pink banner on your demonstrations. We are concerned that young people were not treated appropriately, especially by the police, and would like to use our skills as researchers based at the Universities of Brighton and Sussex to build up an accurate picture of young people’s experiences on Wednesday 24th and Tuesday 30th November.

If you attended either demonstration, or both, we would like to invite you write down anything you think is important about your day. Just use your own words to express what happened to you on Wednesday 24th or Tuesday 30th: what you saw, what you heard, how you felt. If you can remember times and places, that is helpful but not essential.

We do not need know your names. We realise that students on the 24th and 30th November were filmed by the police or asked to give their names but did not wish to be recorded in this way. We would never publish or pass on names of children or adults without consent under any circumstances. It is simply not ethical to do so. Your age and whether you attend school, college or university will be useful for us as we try to understand the experience of different groups of students but that is all we need.

Please send your writing to Louise or Lucy at the addresses below.

Louise Purbrick

Lucy Robinson