To contact us, please email brightonagainstcuts[@]gmail[.]com, or head on over to the occupied Grand Parade Gallery, University of Brighton.  All welcome!


5 responses to “Contact

  1. University of Bristol is now under occupation as well!
    Love and solidarity from all those involved

  2. im coming up to london tomorrow on train where are the brighton student uni students meeting is it mallet st at 12? im a teacher/mentor so not a student but passionate n got to b involved. This action will inspire others to fight the cuts and join in fight back

    jo txt 07766887200

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  4. This is a peaceful flash mob against consumerist culture, cuts, austerity, bankers, sweat shops and capitalism. Therefore, on the 01/12 from 12pm til 12:20pm wharever your are at Churchill Brighton (shop mall) Tape your mouth and seat or lay down at the floor for 20 min.

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