2 responses to “Solidarity

  1. Professor/author Ira Shor–a key thinker and doer of engaged pedagogy within the school system & student-empowered learning–has sent Leeds occupation a message of solidarity:

    “Bravo! Keep fighting back against the disastrous policies of cutting budgets and raising costs. Education must be defended as a democratic right for the majority and stopped as privilege for an elite.

    Prof. Ira Shor
    City University of New York Graduate Center”

    United we stand against cuts, empower the students and the public! Please repost for support of the UK occupations.

    *And congratulations on all your achievements thus far! Your events look amazing.

  2. Women Against the Cuts supports students demonstrating against the Coalition Government’s attack on our education system. We condemn the harsh and inhumane police activity, including the tactic of ‘kettling’, in suppressing the right of students to have their voices heard.

    The proposed increase in tuition fees and program of cuts will devastate the education system and burden the next generation with thousands of pounds of debt. This will clearly disadvantage working class people from entering higher education and will hit women the hardest as it will take longer for them to pay the fees because of the Gender Pay Gap.

    On the 9th of December, Women Against Cuts will stand in solidarity with students and all those working in the sector in the fight to save jobs and access to education.
    Women Against the Cuts on Facebook

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