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Jan 26th Meeting

University of Brighton Student Union Elections

Tim met Sam Mallender (University of Brighton Student Union President) to find out more about the upcoming SU elections and the dates and deadlines of it.

  • Nominations are now open
  • To nominate yourself you need five backers to sign saying they will pledge their support to you*
  • 9th February is the closing date for nominations
  • 14th February is the deadline for publicity materials to be forwarded to the SU for your campaign.

*I think this is meant to mean that they have to actually be ready to support your campaigning efforts, and not just sign like a petition.

Although it is felt that ultimately the staff will always have the overriding powering in deciding the direction of the university, it is felt that the stop the cuts movement should make attempts at stimulating the union into being more pro-active in external and internal affairs through providing debate among the staff and students. We need people who can articulate themselves and present solid arguments that might have the potential to encourage greater political activity among the student and staff bodies. We want the UBSU to be more than just some careerist sabbaticals who fill their c.v.’s representing student apathy.

We are exploring a variety of possibilities to achieve this both as individuals and as a collective. There was a general agreement that we back Tim Huzar for what ever position he chooses to nominate himself for. Again the general agreement was that we should support Tim as an individual, and not just a “spokesperson” for the Brighton University Stop The Cuts group. This way he can make a pitch that appeals to the wider student body and potentially achieve a greater potential. We also explored the possibility of running a ‘slate’ nomination for election that would seek to campaign collectively as a group for multiple positions on the union.

This topic is very high on the agenda for next week as there will only be one more opportunity to decide on this collectively. Tim is going to gather some more information to present at the next meeting so if your interested in this, please come to the next meeting and put your point of view across.

More information is available at :

Brighton Source Magazine

Brighton Source Magazine wanted to do an article, on students becoming politicised through the student protests, with some comment from us but unfortunately they went to print before it was raised in the meeting. They did however mention us. It will be in the forthcoming  February  edition of source which you can find here as a PDF

It is also distributed to various university campuses, including halls of residence.

Brighton and Sussex University Joint Meeting

We decided that we will meet on the 9th of February instead of our usual meeting to discuss our common aims. Most likely it will be held on their campus and details to follow.

Coach Tickets

Brighton UCU have booked a coach for the demo on saturday, tickets are £8.40, available to staff and students.

Get in touch with either (depending on your campus)

Vicky Margree  (Pavilion Parade) –

Patricia McManus (Elsewhere) –

“Con-Dem-Ed” Leaflets

We want to create a flyer that targets student groups in a more holistic sense. We have felt that our previous flyers have focused to much on our own issues and this gives others the impression of self-interest. Whilst it is true that a lot of what people do in general can be attributed to self-interest, we want to engage and inform key groups listed below. This list is not exhaustive but illustrates the groups we need to engage.

  • International students
  • Teaching students
  • Health students
  • Union members
  • General public / apathetic students

UCU Ballot – February

The UCU are balloting for strike action in some time in February and considering the tremendous solidarity and support they have given us we are looking to flyer lecturers and students. We proposed to make a separate leaflet for lecturers to encourage them to ballot for action and one for students to encourage them to support their action. A pamphlet was also suggested. More details to follow.

It is imperative that we show them our support.


Events in the New Year / January

Just a quick update on some upcoming events in the New Year. Hopefully most of us have had the opportunities to fill our bellies and get down to some seasonal merriment over the winter break because we are going to need it!

2011 is set to be a monumental year for student activism and solidarity with fellow movements and unions. It will see the greater unity of student movements and trade unions coming together to oppose the cuts to public spending. If you have any events you would like mentioned here please get in contact with us.

First on the agenda for the new year is:


We will be meeting to discuss our plans for the coming year and brainstorm some ideas about how we continue after the suspension of the occupation. This is a very critical meeting and we hope to see as many people as possible. Please do not slack off and leave it for the rest of us. Also if you have any issues you would like raised and put forward into the agenda, please either drop us a line here or the Facebook group.

Also venue is to be confirmed.


It’s our favourite student “representative’s” birthday and as a special thanks for representing us and using our votes to support such a wonderfully progressive coalition, we encourage people to come up with creative ways to show how much we care. Send him a birthday card, bake him a cake or organise a street carnival to show your support. Let’s make it a day he won’t forget so readily, like his pledges and election promises.

Facebook event can be found here –


The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) have called for a day of national action on this day because they expect parliament to vote on the scrapping of EMA. Unfortunately, there is little information surrounding this event. There is no official agenda to vote on the issues on the parliament website and some more verification should be sought before hand.

NCAFC is citing this website ( as a resource for campaigning material and information.

Here is a link to the Facebook event –


The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) are organising a conference at the University College London. They hope to reflect on the student activism of 2010 and bring together as many organisations, movments, unions and otherwise concerned people into a common debate. As well as consolidating the experiences of the various movements, they hope to debate about how to campaign democratically and effectively.

More information will be available via their website and their Facebook group.

Facebook event –


Again another The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) event calling for students to walkout and take part in local demonstrations, begin occupations or otherwise protest about the cuts to EMA.

Facebook event –


Once again another The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) event being organised in London to coincide with the Young Members Network of the civil service union PCSUCU and others demonstration in Manchester. There is a bit of confusions about why there are two events but this is clarified in greater detail here (, there is also a copy of a letter from Aaron Porter explaining the NUS’s stance on both events. It seems that Aaron Porter, tactical genius and fence-hopper he is, has spoken out. he is against the holding of two events on the same day, calling them tactically invalid and “unhelpful”. As we should all know by now, Aaron Porters tactical prowess is rather limited and he seems more focused on police appeasement andnotdemocratic action.

Essentially they are two separate events with two slightly different perspectives on public sector cuts that are holding complimentary demonstrations on the same day. Each site has broadened its support base to allow a greater number of people to attend either event and this is reflected in the union support of both events. Regardless of Aaron Porters perspective on the events, it is impractical for some students to travel to Manchester and vica-versa.

Here are some links on the event.

Facebook Event for Manchester –

Facebook Event for London –


The Education Activist Network organised a meeting on Tuesday the 14th of December to organise and set-up National Assembly for Education. This will be their first official meeting to discuss the agenda.

More information can be found here (

Facebook event –


Suspension of Occupation Press Release

Press Release

Saturday 11th December 2010

Yesterday, we the occupiers of G7 Pavilion Parade collectively decided to suspend the occupation that began on the 24th of November.

The end of this occupation marks the culmination of numerous successes. Starting as a result of the three thousand strong mass demonstration in Brighton on the 24th November, this has become the largest student occupation at the University of Brighton in recent years. Furthermore, in conjunction with the many occupations across the country, this occupation has forced the NUS into a change of policy, shifting its control back into the hands of the students it represents. As a direct result of this, our occupation has secured the support of our own Students’ Union who were originally reticent in offering it. Our actions have also helped in generating wider recognition of occupation as a legitimate form of non-violent direct action, an important step given the now proven futility of depending on Parliamentary politics to reflect popular opinion.

The occupation has created a space which has served a variety of functions, the most immediate being the advancement of an alternative form of higher education. It has also operated as a base from which direct action throughout Brighton can be organised, which in turn has been successful in raising the consciousness of the general public as well as students at the University of Brighton. These successes, at both a local and national level, have demolished the myth of student apathy and have demonstrated that students can be the catalyst for broader social change, spear-heading the struggle against the advancement of neo-liberalism.

There are still many issues we wish to raise with Professor Crampton, Vice Chancellor of the University of Brighton. However, Professor Crampton has recently shown himself duplicitous in that his statements to students and staff are radically different to his statements in the national broadsheets. To his students and staff, Professor Crampton has said that he would oppose any policy which would “significantly increase individual contributions”, claiming that it would be “damaging to the country’s economic and social development and to the success of the English university system which underpins it.” However, as a signatory to a recent letter in the Telegraph (see he has stated that he believes “that the Government’s proposals for university funding are reasonable”, and urged Members of Parliament to vote in favour of tripling the cap on tuition fees.

While we are eager to continue a dialogue with Professor Crampton, given his duplicity, we aren’t hopeful it will be a productive one. Our collective voice is heard most clearly when spoken through the medium of non-violent direct action.

An occupation is not the room it is based in, it is the people that are a part of it. And these people extend far beyond those who slept in Pavilion Parade for over two weeks. The people who brought us delicious food; the people who shared their myriad skills; and the people who sent messages of support from as far away as Spain, Greece, Argentina, Mexico and Palestine – all these people occupied Pavilion Parade.

While the ideology of neo-liberalism continues to attempt to privatise our higher education, we will continue to resist.


For more information please contact:

Twitter: brightonnocuts
Facebook: Brighton University Stop the Cuts

Fund-raising and How To Help

Day X – 9th December – London

We desperately need to fund raise for our forthcoming day of action in London on the 9th of December. We are looking to subsidise the cost of travelling up to London so that we can encourage wider participation. Unfortunately the student unions are giving us no love for this demonstration because they have decided to support local action on the 8th of December instead.

How You Can Help

We need people to show their support for us in any way you can. We are looking for people from all walks of life, political alignment and background to get involved with us. During the day there are lectures and discussion on some of the underlying issues surrounding the philosophy of these cuts and what they mean. There are also talks given about the historical context of what we are doing and how to relate our struggle to the struggles of others in the country. We want people to have an informed opinion about the cuts that’s free from shackles of the mainstream media. Below I will list some things that we are in constant need for:

  • Food
  • Petition Signatures
  • Wider participation
  • Journalism and news coverage
  • Financial contributions towards material costs
  • Union support

Finally I will list some ideas of other things you could do to help us

  • Talk to people as many people as possible to mention what is going on. Some people who might be unaware might be sympathetic
  • Volunteer to flyer
  • Repost links
  • Tweet about us

BRIGHTON Student Protest / Demonstration 30th November 2010

Filmed by Freeman Films

Police brutality

In London, how are these people ‘keeping peace’?

His badge number: U1202