Response to university closure on November 30th

This evening the University of Brighton announced to staff that “[a]fter careful consideration of proposed staff actions, the potential resulting safety issues and advice from the Police, we have decided to close university buildings on Wednesday 30 November 2011.”

Precisely why the University required the input of the police to make this decision isn’t entirely clear. A separate email was sent to students, addressed to no-one and from no-one, floating out of the ether as if from the cold logic of the University itself.

While it is tempting to see this as a victory – and in many ways it is a victory, the University having been forced to confront the reality of the situation rather than pretend that politics simply doesn’t exist, as is its usual tactic – it also serves to de-politicise the strike action. Now more than ever it is crucial that as many students as possible are standing in solidarity on the pickets of the morning of the 30th, taking inspiration from the direct action of our lecturers and support staff with the aim of instigating some of our own.


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