Brighton Students’ Union supports November 30th strike action

All students at University of Brighton have been emailed by the President of the Students’ Union, Terry Preston, pledging his support with striking staff and encouraging students not to cross pickets:

Dear All,

As most of you may be aware, a week today on November the 30th we are likely to see the largest public sector strike for several decades. At University of Brighton, this is in response to the Government’s attacks on the Higher Education sector within the wider context of public sector cutbacks.

These cuts affect everybody paying into a public sector pension; from the most senior lecturer on an annual salary to support staff on term time only contracts.

The outcome of the Government’s plans for public sector pensions will impact on our future too as many of today’s workers who cannot afford to live on their reduced pension will be forced to work longer, thereby impacting upon the jobs available to those seeking work.

Currently, over 25 UK trade unions have balloted their members and have voted to strike next Wednesday. It is the belief of the Students’ Union AGM that we will support the HE unions in their fight for fairer pensions on November the 30th. Brighton SU actively encourages students not to attend University next Wednesday and to show support for the trade unions who will be on the picket lines throughout the day.

Brighton SU’s services including shops, cafes, campus receptions, activities & events, academic advocacy and wellbeing services will not be open on 30 November. (Students in need of support from the Wellbeing and Advocacy teams that day can log on to for contact information).

To show your support or to comment on this issue, please feel free to respond to this e-mail or like ‘SU Brighton’ on facebook and comment on the page and encourage discussion.

Thank you for your support

Terry Preston
Brighton Students’ Union
01273 64 3816


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