Corporate banks, private businesses, the Senior Management Team, and a hello to new students from Brighton Students Against Cuts!

Hello Everyone!

First, welcome to the many new students who gave us their email addresses at Freshers’ Fair. We’re very glad that you managed to negotiate the casinos, the banks, the army, the police, a host of major corporations, and made your way to our stall. We promise, that’s as bad as it gets at university. Maybe we should do something about it next year?

We have a website, an active facebook group and an active twitter account to keep you up to date with everything cuts related both at University of Brighton and nationally. Last year we occupied the university for two weeks, organised demonstrations in Brighton and travelled to the national demonstrations in London, passed motions at the Students’ Union AGM against the cuts, and had a fun time making loads of new friends. You should expect no less this year. In fact, you should expect a whole lot more.

So, if you’d like to meet lots of nice, politically active students, get involved! And the first thing you should get involved with is coming up real soon:

The Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition has organised a meeting for students and staff “to plan and coordinate a campaign against fees, cuts and privatisation”. This will be happening on Tuesday 11th October, at 6pm, room C218 in the Checkland Building on the Falmer Campus. A map of the Falmer campus can be found here. Brighton Students Against Cuts will be there and we’d love it if you could be too.

There’s going to be more politics on campuses over the next three years then there has been for decades. Together, we can put University of Brighton back into the hands of students and staff and out of the hands of corporate banks, private businesses and the Senior Management Team. We have no idea which of those three we’re most concerned about.

In solidarity,

Brighton Students Against Cuts


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