Notes from the 19th September meeting

Everyone was very excited about what we could achieve this term: unlike last year we’re not starting the group from scratch, plus the combination of a London demonstration and major industrial action both happening in November should prove a catalyst for the movement across the country.

It was highlighted that the national student movement is not talking about if nonviolent direct action will occur, but when, and this perspective was thoroughly endorsed by Brighton Students Against Cuts. Nationally we should expect a far larger, more coordinated stop the cuts movement than last year, and should work to ensure this happens at our local level.

We pinpointed three areas that needed to be immediately addressed: the Freshers’ Fair, the November 9th demo and the November 30th strike action.

Freshers’ Fair

  • The fair is on Wednesday 28th September, 10:00 – 15:00.
  • It was confirmed that we have a table booked.
  • We will do our own flyer designs and be responsible for printing them off. They will all share the same small bit of text information that will be written up and distributed asap.
  • The theme of our table will be a split good / bad notion of what education is, with people representing the bad side dressed in suits, carrying briefcases, possibly with scary masks.  People representing the good side just looking lovely.  All very theatrical and fun.
  • If people want to do anything else they should do and not worry about running it past people. More important that stuff happens.
  • We will meet at Tim’s flat on Monday 26th to work on banners, posters, flyers, and do more organising for the day itself. Times to be confirmed, but probably in the day and maybe the evening if enough people are interested email Tim if you will be coming: timhuzar AT gmail DOT com.

November 9th Demonstration

  • Major London demonstration against the Government’s higher education white paper.
  • Important to get the Students’ Union to put on coaches / promote it in the same way they did for last year’s November demonstration, especially in light of the AGM motion opposing the government’s privatisation of higher education.
  • Lots of flyering / posters from us as usual.
  • More details to be worked out after term starts.

November 30th Strikes

  • The TUC has called for the biggest industrial action in eighty years in response to pensions cuts. Both Unison and UCU are very likely to be on strike, making up the vast majority of university staff.
  • The national student movement has pledged to support the strike action.
  • Important to see the strike action not as a separate issue, but as part of the collective resistance to the government’s attempted neoliberal revolution.
  • Given the AGM commitment to supporting strike action the Students’ Union needs to be raising awareness amongst students and outlining why we should support our lecturers and admin staff.
  • Need to be in close contact with UCU and Unison to make the strikes as effective as possible.




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