This winter, we take back what is ours

Things are gearing up for a winter of discontent across the country. The spontaneity of last year’s student movement was inspiring, but it came at the cost of the trade unions not being able to organise institutional support quickly enough to supplement the student movement’s dynamism. This year that is certainly not the problem. Unison, Unite, the GMB and other smaller unions will be balloting their members for intended strike action on November 30th. The student movement has been quick to respond, pledging its support for the strike action at an assembly held in London last weekend. Edinburgh University is already in occupation. The twitter feeds of last year’s occupations are buzzing with excitement at the prospect of a combined trade union movement and student movement in solidarity, jointly resisting the government’s privatisation onslaught.

At Brighton, one of the many universities charging the full £9000 a year tuition fees, we will be doing everything we can to support this diverse movement. Taking last year’s successes and supplementing them with the might of Britain’s trade unions, the stage is set for the people of Britain to reclaim the public goods that have been taken from them by an elite corpocracy and put in the hands of private interest.

At last year’s AGM University of Brighton’s Students’ Union passed a motion to actively opposing the Government’s funding cuts to higher education and the University’s decision to charge £9000 a year tuition fees. Given that the Students’ Union has shown no sign of when or how this active opposition is to occur, or indeed no sign that this motion was even passed, we are concerned that our Union may be shirking its democratic responsibilities. Please contact our President, Terry Preston, and ask him what he has planned:

T: 01273 643816
Location: Students’ Union, G35, Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road, BN2 4GJ.

In solidarity and looking forward to a direct-action filled autumn term,

Brighton Students Against Cuts


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