AGM Success

We’re very pleased to announce that, during yesterday’s AGM of Brighton Students’ Union, the two motions that were put forward by Brighton Students Against Cuts were passed.  This means that from now on the Students’ Union is committed to:

  1. supporting all future strike action by our lecturers, and
  2. actively opposing the Government’s funding cuts to higher education and the University’s decision to charge £9000 a year tuition fees.

Additionally, motions were passed to: boycott all Israeli goods produced on illegal settlements; to ensure that students aren’t described as ‘consumers’ and have their fundamental rights as students upheld; and to encourage the University to promote widening access to higher education.

Finally, prior to any of these motions coming under discussion students voted not in favour of continuing our affiliation with NUS for the remainder of this academic year.  This means, until the start of next academic year, University of Brighton Students’ Union is an independent entity.

Please spread word of these successes to any mailing lists you have access to.  We’re very proud that this academic year started with University of Brighton’s first ever occupation and ended with tangible and significant victories within our Students’ Union.  Looking to next academic year, with a politicised Students’ Union and the fact that the effects of the Government’s funding cuts will start to be felt by students in their everyday lives, we’re excited to see what can be achieved in the resistance to the marketisation of higher education.


4 responses to “AGM Success

  1. Well Done and Thanks!

  2. I was listening to the live stream while working. The union officers put on a thoroughly shameful display of incoherence, political naivety and foul-tempered ad-hominem. I hope they are all considering their positions very carefully now that these motions have passed, especially in light of their past performance and clear inability to construct the necessary critique to see through the new union policies.

  3. wow, well done.

    it sounds like the union reps couldn’t debate their way out of a paper bag. are these the same reps that won the elections for next year?

    so, if i’m right the union is now opposed to the nine grand fees and should be supporting efforts to widen access to uni. wasn’t part of the deal with the high fees that anything over six grand was meant to be used to promote wider access? hello mister left hand, have you met mister right hand?

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