Important meeting

Hi Everyone

This Wednesday’s meeting (23rd) is an important one to attend if at all possible.  University of Brighton University and College Union (UCU) lecturers go on strike on Thursday 24th; concrete plans for the Trades Union Congress (TUC) protest on Saturday 26th need to be laid down; and the aftermath of the Students’ Union elections needs to be discussed.  There is a huge amount going on right now; we need to respond tactically if we’re to have the greatest impact.  Students, lecturers, support staff and interested parties are all welcome.  The more people we have attending, the more effective we can be.

  • UCU lecturers are striking on Thursday 24th March in defense of their USS pension rights and job security (as well as other interlinked reasons).  We need to decide how best to support them.
  • The TUC ‘March for the Alternative’ demonstration on Saturday 26th March in London is set to be the biggest since the Iraq War demonstrations of 2003.  Do we occupy Hyde Park, or Trafalgar Square, or somewhere else, or simply toe the line of the march?
  • For those who don’t know, Tim, Jade and Calum were unsuccessful in their attempt to be elected as sabbatical officers in the Students’ Union.  We can respond to this in a variety of ways; Tim has touched on a few of those ways in a recent blog post.

Add into the mix the local issue of the threat to the Big Lemon from Brighton and Hove City Buses’ most recent form of ‘competition’, and the global issue of the unfolding NATO assault on Libya, and there’s plenty that needs to be discussed.  Please come along to room G7, 10-11 Pavilion Parade, at 18:30 to contribute.


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