UPDATE: Meeting time adjustment to 7pm – 12/01/2011

There has been a slight change in the meeting time this week because of a prior booking.

We will be meeting in G7, Pavilion Parade at 7pm onwards.

See you there.


3 responses to “UPDATE: Meeting time adjustment to 7pm – 12/01/2011

  1. Comrades,
    i’m looking for a list or information on coaches from brighton to the National demo – No Fees, No Cuts! Defend Education & the Public Sector on the 29th January.
    Please can you help? Otherwise i was thinking of arranging a return coach myself and would you put information about this on your site if i did?
    In solidarity

    • I’m not 100% sure but I expect that this will be discussed at the organisational meeting today. If you do organise a coach i’m sure we can advertise spaces on the blog, twitter and facebook for you.

  2. I Found coaches from BRIGHTON to the National Demo on the 29th January in London
    Her is the facebook link to book a seat

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