Occupation donates to local young homeless day center

Thank you for all the donations of food and drinks over the course of the occupation, without your generous support we wouldn’t have got this far.

When we decided to suspend the occupation, there was still a large cache of food left over. It was decided that the food that was left over should be donated to another charity in an act of solidarity. We chose to donate the food to The Clock Tower Sanctuary, which is a independent day centre for young homeless people in Brighton and Hove. As an ex-service user and former rough sleeper in Brighton i have a great fondness for the day centre because it provided me with a base to overcome my issues. For me personally, I feel that I would not have been able to do this degree if it was not for the support of the staff, volunteers and fund-raisers at The Clock Tower Sanctuary. Aside from my personal connection with The Clock Tower Sanctuary, I have other friends who have used the facilities and gone onto university or other vocational courses.

Please check out their website for more info on what they do and how you can help them too.


Education doesn’t always happen in the class room, it occurs throughout every facet of our lives and that highlights our need to support people from all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances. The Clock Tower Sanctuary offers sign posting and more importantly, practical advice from people who have been in similar situations. It is a space to learn how to overcome homelessness and provides the most basic things requirements of society, food, shelter and good company. The homeless youth should not be denied the opportunity to go into further and higher education. With the abolition of Education Maintenance Allowance, the young, homeless and unemployed youth will have very little opportunity to educate themselves. This problem deepens when you consider that being a full-time student can make you ineligible for lots of benefits. As a final blow the maximum fee price of £9k would mean that certain degrees might not be economically viable. We must support those in society who don’t have the freedom or opportunity to express themselves effectively.


One response to “Occupation donates to local young homeless day center

  1. Student demonstrations in Brighton: Wednesday 24th and Tuesday 30th November

    What happened to you?

    Members of the university lecturers’ union, the University College Union (UCU) have supported students’ protests against raising university fees. Some of you may have seen our pink banner on your demonstrations. We are concerned that young people were not treated appropriately, especially by the police, and would like to use our skills as researchers based at the Universities of Brighton and Sussex to build up an accurate picture of young people’s experiences on Wednesday 24th and Tuesday 30th November.

    If you attended either demonstration, or both, we would like to invite you write down anything you think is important about your day. Just use your own words to express what happened to you on Wednesday 24th or Tuesday 30th: what you saw, what you heard, how you felt. If you can remember times and places, that is helpful but not essential.

    We do not need know your names. We realise that students on the 24th and 30th November were filmed by the police or asked to give their names but did not wish to be recorded in this way. We would never publish or pass on names of children or adults without consent under any circumstances. It is simply not ethical to do so. Your age and whether you attend school, college or university will be useful for us as we try to understand the experience of different groups of students but that is all we need.

    Please send your writing to Louise or Lucy at the addresses below.

    Louise Purbrick

    Lucy Robinson

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