Letter to VC inviting him to attend London protest on 9th

Re: Press Release

8th December 2010

Dear Professor Crampton,

Thank you for your response to our demands.

We are delighted to hear that, like us, you oppose the Browne Report’s proposed restructuring of higher education.  This places you alongside a growing number of Vice Chancellors who have publicly opposed the Browne Report’s proposals.  While there are issues that still need to be discussed between you and ourselves, we greatly appreciate you demonstrating your support of our cause by making our stay in G7 Pavilion Parade so pleasant.  Keeping the heating, water, electricity and security present throughout our time here is a mark of your opposition to the privatisation of higher education.

As you will know, Thursday 9th December has been decided on as the date for the vote in Parliament regarding raising the cap on tuition fees.  Coaches will be provided for staff and students to attend the day’s demonstration, and you will be pleased to know that we have reserved you a complimentary seat (all expenses paid) to allow you to publicly demonstrate your opposition to the raising of tuition fees.  We have invited a journalist from the Argus to be present on the coach to ensure that your message of opposition reaches as wide an audience as possible.

The support this occupation has received has shown that there is a vast opposition to the Browne Report’s proposals.  As someone whom is a part of this opposition you can rest assured that non-violent direct action will remain a central part of the resistance to the privatisation of higher education for as long as it is necessary.

Thank you for your solidarity and we look forward to seeing you on the coach this Thursday.

Kind regards,

The Occupiers of G7 Pavilion Parade


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