Brighton Women Against the Cuts Meeting

The extent of the public spending cuts will have a devastating effect on women. The student protests across the country, and the Brighton student occupations have set a great precedence and are an inspiration – it is our turn to mobilise and show our resistance to these horrifying cuts. Women Against the Cuts is a national movement and the Brighton group is planning to meet to discuss their agenda and to attend the Brighton General Assembly Meeting.

For more information about the Women Against the Cuts please have a look at their blog.
Brighton Women Against The Cuts are meeting to discuss our resistance against the Con-Dem budget, and plans for a demonstration of Brighton feminists.

At 6pm people will meet at the Marwood Cafe, Ship Street.

At 7pm we will move to the Friends Meeting House also on Ship Street to join the Brighton General Assembly meeting called by the NUS and Sussex Against the Cuts.

For more infomation check out their blog

Brighton Women


4 responses to “Brighton Women Against the Cuts Meeting

  1. Why are woman more effected by the education cuts than men?
    Surely a unified student response is more effective than breaking the students into groups, what next, students with glasses against the cuts, whats the point?

    • To deal with your first point, women are not necessaries affected more than mean by educational cuts. For your second point, they are not a student female movement, they are women who feel politically empowered through feminism. It just so happens some students show solidarity and membership amongst many movements, as well as other people from other backgrounds.

      I would argue that being part of numerous groups with similar aims can give you a variety of perspectives on a common issue.

  2. This meeting is not just for women students, it is for all women who will be affected by the cuts. It has been quite widely reported that Women are likely to be disproportionately affected by the cuts for a number of reasons – because they make up the majority of public service worker, because they are more likely to be claiming the welfare benefits that are being cut such as child benefit, child tax credits, housing benefit. This morning the Fawcett society has had their case against the government heard in the high court for just these reasons – that the spending cuts will actually damage the progress of gender equality.

    I also do not think it is particularly useful to say that one group of people will be affected worse than another, or suggest that there is only one way of unifying against these cuts. After all, the conservative backlash against the student protests has been similarly rhetorical, suggesting that students have no more a right to protest than any of the other groups affected. Certainly a unified movement is the strongest and most powerful, but are we not most strong by recognises the specific differences between our campaigns, and working in solidarity with each other?

  3. womenagainstthecuts

    Hi to Brighton WAC

    Great to read about your meeting.

    Please note for any future events you are welcome to post in on our “List your women’s actions page” on the WAC blog

    Or maybe you have a report from this meeting you would like to add.

    Deborah from WAC (in London)

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