Press release detailing our concerns regarding today’s events

Press Release

Tuesday 30th November 2010

The Occupiers of Pavilion Parade are seriously concerned at a number of events that have occurred in Brighton on the second day of student direct action.

First, despite police reports to the contrary we have received eye-witness reports that tasers were deployed during the policing of today’s march. We condemn in the strongest terms the use of this grossly disproportionate brutality and call for an immediate, independent investigation into the reports.

Second, we condemn the use of kettling in response to non-violent direct action. Specifically, kettling was deployed on roughly thirty people, ranging from the very young to the very old, outside the University of Brighton Grand Parade building. We have received reports people fainting, of young women being singled out and surrounded by riot police, and of passers-by who were not involved in the day’s protests being caught in the kettle. We find all of these highly disturbing. In addition, we condemn the arrest of Simon Englert while he was non-violently demonstrating outside of the kettle. Kettling is immoral and legally bankrupt, but its deployment in sub-zero temperatures is deplorable.

Third, we find reports that the police have been cross checking images of students on the march against University of Brighton’s Student Central database concerning. We demand that the University confirms or denies these reports.

Fourth, we believe that the University’s decision to force all classes to cease by closing the Pavilion Parade, Grand Parade and Moulsecoomb campuses was completely unnecessary and only succeeded in frustrating students attempting to study. It is important to note that in this one act the University has caused vastly more disruption to students’ study than the students occupying G7 Pavilion Parade have caused in the entire week of their occupation.


For more information please contact



Twitter: brightonnocuts

Facebook: Brighton University Stop the Cuts


5 responses to “Press release detailing our concerns regarding today’s events

  1. On Twitter you said you had images of taser-burns. I really suggest you release these ASAP, as the claims without backing evidence are actually harming the argument for the right to protest – the claim being that this isn’t possible as ACPO doesn’t allow tasers for public-order use.

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  3. Green&BlackCross

    We were contacted by Associated Press asking if we had heard from any one able to confirm the use of tasers during the protests. We haven’t had any witnesses call us and nothing new has appeared on the twitter rumour-mill that would suggest tasers had really been used. If anyone know different then please do call us 07946541511, especially if you have photo/video evidence.

    Follow @gbclegal on twitter for legal updates during anti-cuts protests.

  4. This was posted on the brightonnocuts Twitter account at 22.53 last night:

    “Having done some research it was probably a stun baton, but it’s left a mark and it’s still unacceptable! #dayX2”

    Would be really good to get some clarification of this. Still disgraceful behaviour by the police if it was a stun baton rather than a Taser.

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