Dayx2 Update from the protest

We began as we meant to go on, peacefully, from Victoria Gardens. As we travelled up to Western Road police appeared and began to agitate the crowd. Firstly by separating the protest into two groups. Their apparent claim is that they did this as there were people throwing things. Though we have many accounts that none of this happened.

As we reached the Hove Town Council a lot of us from the occupation went to the top of the opposite car park to get some decent footage and to hang a banner of support. However as we went up, we were followed by some other protesters who began to spit and throw things from the roof (video attached) this escalated as others joined the aggressive group on the roof despite our pleas for them to stop.

Our attempts were entirely futile as an effigy was burnt and thrown from the roof. It was at this point that most of us left the roof. However our banner was left. We want people to know that we were in no way involved with the individuals and that they represented a minority in their use of violence.

will finish later! must help those being kettled. Please come down to help outside St. Peters church! 20 kids kettled by loads of policemen in the cold!


One response to “Dayx2 Update from the protest

  1. Just a quick clarification – the march split into two groups because a number of us did not want to march behind the police, both on symbolic grounds and to avoid kettling. We moved out in front of the march and encouraged others to do the same.

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