Dayx2 Report from the Protest part 2

The kettle has been released and people were let go in small groups. We had reports of a 6 year old child within the kettle and someone who passed out, there were many people who were caught up in the kettle who were actually nothing to do with the protest at all confirming how blind this process carried out by Police really is.

Continuing from my earlier post:

Following our departure of the car park we saw police moving closer to the peaceful protest in front of the town hall, but many people saw hardly any members of the police force pursuing those on the roof. It has become even more vital following today’s events that we have permission to visit schools and colleges to discuss peaceful, effective protesting with their students. We have emailed Caroline Lucas about this and we hope to hear from her soon. We would also like to reach out to any parents concerned with this issue to write to schools and colleges as many of these students are not blindly following crowds but in fact have their own views about their future, which they should be able to express.

As police came closer alarms were raised that they were about to attempt to kettle the crowd outside the Town Hall, many people dispersed but there were rumours about police using tasers which have since been confirmed by a member of the occupation who was himself tasered and we have received numerous eye-witness reports of taser use.

Most of the crowd dispersed to continue down a different route past Palmiera Sq. and along Western road where I witnessed the window of Vodaphone being smashed. This action may have spawned from Vodaphone’s £6bn tax evasion and I think it’s important to define what is violence and what is vandalism. We personally saw police agitating peaceful protesters aggresively perhaps hoping to achieve an equally aggressive response. We do not want to give them this satisfaction and lower ourselves.

We would like to also announce that the occupation of Pavilion Parade will continue for the forseeable future, and all are welcome to visit and attend any events we host. We want to say thank you to all who are supporting us and we will soon have a page on here dedicated to messages and acts of solidarity.

That’s all for now,

The Occupiers of G7 Pavilion Parade


One response to “Dayx2 Report from the Protest part 2

  1. Hiya
    The idea of trying to call meetings is a very good one. To schools and colleges, but also getting some of you up to the Uni of Sussex to talk about the protests and your occupation. Will bring it up in our organising mtg Thurs.
    We should be making sure that we invite all people we speak to, to the General Assembly next Tuesday evening, 7pm Friends mtg house. This will be an opportune moment both to discuss with wider circles, how we move things forward and what our tactics are. Has anyone from the occupation organised workplace visits to invite workers to the assembly? I can try and pop down later and perhaps as the occupation and sussex STC we can sort out some visits.
    In solidarity x

    Also, Simon was not the only individual arrested, a young male FE student was arrested at the time of the kettling around St Peters church and apparently a young woman earlier on too.
    A friend of mine on FB has a photo of the person who we believe to be tasered. So we are in contact with this person.

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