Saturday 27th November Day 4

Today we vastly improved our social networks and spent the day standing on the side of the road getting people to beep in support of our occupation, we had hundreds of beeps and our neighbours are probably pretty annoyed at us now!

We spent a lot of time networking with other unis and sharing solidarity, an exercise which all felt was helpful as it gave us a lot more tasks to be getting on with!

We also had guest lecturers including Bob Brecher who spoke very well on The Shock Doctrine and incited an interesting debating on catharses. We then had a visit from Climate Camp who are going to give us some Direct Action training and our general meeting where we agreed on a petition and who we were sending to the EAN meeting tomorrow.

Tomorrow 4 people will be going as delegates to the  EAN meeting and one will be going to UCL to visit their occupation and share ideas. Meanwhile back at the occupation we will have loads of speakers including Tom Hickey speaking on “what’s in a name? Marxism, Maoism and Trotskyism”, and we’re also cleaning the floor! Will report back in the morning!


One response to “Saturday 27th November Day 4

  1. Masses of solidarity from London! You’re doing a great job, guys.

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