Report From the UCL Occupation

Well I’ve been at the UCL occupation for a couple of hours now and from what I can tell it’s frighteningly organised! They are currently having an escalation meeting, which is a group we should think about setting up. Each of the groups here has a table, I’m currently sitting at the media table, but there are a lot of them so this is a lot more justifiable.

There is a marked difference between our banners and those of UCL, ours are painted ad markedly art studented whilst UCL’s are mainly clever slogans in black marker (but they look really good, and there’s loads of them!).

Brighton definitely has better food, and I guess quite predictably for Brighton we seem a lot more cosy and commune-ish, however I think both occupations are equally as effective.

Off to visit SOAS in a bit, quite looking forward to it!


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