Day 3.

We have had an excellent day of protest and have strong plans for the future. We’re currently in a meeting discussing those plans.

The space was packed today for lectures and we had a lot of new faces which was excellent and very comforting. Thanks to all who helped us out today, brought us supplies, offered help and spoke in lectures or debates.

To watch us on the BBC

There is also a march from Old Steine to Hove town hall on Tuesday which some students of the occupation will be attending on behalf of everyone here.

We have received solidarity messages from Naomi klein

a message from Naomi:

The Tories are testing the waters to see if the country will accept its shock treatment. This is the crucial moment to show them that the patient flatly rejects the medicine. So hang tough and be kind to each other. This is a battle worth fighting!

and Billy Bragg:


Please tell the students who are occupying the main lecture theatre of the Pavilion Parade building in Brighton that they have my support in their resistance to the coalition government’s attempt to make students pay for a crisis that has been caused by the greed and mismanagement of the financial markets.

in solidarity,

Billy Bragg

Lastly, we would love for more people to come and support, visit and get involved. This is not only our occupation, it’s your occupation, and everyone is more than welcome to be here.

The students of the Pavilion Parade occupation

(and a lovely supporter just brought us more food!)


One response to “Day 3.

  1. Great work guys and all the very best to keep it going – this IS just the start.

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