Beginning of Day 3:

We are still here!

Rooms are already being used for education and our fantastic lecturers have been so supportive. Seminars and Lectures are going on as usual. In the lecture hall we are occupying we have set up an alternative educational timetable about the cuts and our cause. Including guest speakers from unions, brightstart nursery, and our own lecturers.

We have banners outside the building (one was stolen last night, which we have recently replaced.) and more are being made.

We have had great support from other unis and members of the public via twitter. However it seems that twitter have blocked #dayx, #demo2010 and #solidarity.

Our plans for the day:

11.00am Graham dawson – “Raymond Williams – Culture and the politics of education”

12.00pm Louise Purbrick – “Education whilst in Occupation”

2.30pm James Omrod – Open Lecture

5.00pm Mark Devenney – “The concept of Violence”

7.00pm General Meeting

9.00pm Open mic night

We welcome all members of the public as well as staff and students to any of our events.

We have people distributing flyers at our campuses

we are arranging some very exciting stuff for around the city too.


at this point we’d like to thank all of the staff at university for their various forms of support from tea, coffee and help with food, to those who are coming in to speak for us. We are immensely grateful to all of you.


2 responses to “Beginning of Day 3:

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    just a few sign and pavillion photos i took from last night
    hope all is going well, keep up the good work
    Laura Xx

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