Pavilion Parade Occupied!

Fifty students have occupied the University of Brighton building Pavilion Parade.  After a frantic evening thrashing out ideas, the following demands have been decided on.

Demands of the University:

Vice Chancellor to release a public statement both supporting student protests, and condemning the attacks on education.

No victimisation or disciplinary action against anyone involved in anti-cuts protests and/or occupation.

A statement from the Vice Chancellor detailing a full disclosure of dealings with Kaplan.

Make all university finances transparent; make any planned cuts public.

National Demands:

No to all proposed cuts, and the abolition of tuition fees.

LibDems to be held accountable, via right to recall, for pledges made prior to the election.

NUS to fully support all students in their action against cuts and rising fees, also we demand the resignation of Aaron Porter as NUS president.

Where we stand:

We stand with the protesters and anyone that was victimised as a result of the protests on the 10th and 24th of November.

We condemn the police and university management who used excessive force and action against peaceful students in their own university building.

We stand in solidarity with all people taking action against austerity measures.

We encourage lecturers to disscuss the cuts with students and staff, without fear of reprimand. They are also invited to come and speak at the occupation.


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